A Farm That May Prevent Cancer

A Farm That May Prevent Cancer

My Review on: The Garden of Hope

By: Christina Hughey

The Garden of Hope is a 261-acre farm located on Ohio State Universities main campus. The farm’s main goal is to get the cancer survivors active and to eat properly in a cancer preventing way leading to a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, over ninety percent of adults fail to meet dietary recommendations for preventing cancer. This program provides the education and resources needed to help the cancer survivors maintain a cancer preventive diet to help with non-reoccurring cancer. The vegetables and herbs given are based on evidence based research (meaning best results in mind proven through scientific research). The program is free of charge for the cancer survivors and care takers. Depending on the season, the program either gives the survivors a chance to grow/harvest or provide them with vegetables and herbs. Beyond giving them a healthier lifestyle, they provide much more, including a support group of other cancer survivors. Survivors rave about this garden because it is a unique idea that is changing their lives.


Colleen Spees


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