Go Green Go Native for Saint Patrick’s Day

Go Green Go Native for Saint Patrick’s Day

By: Christina Hughey  

Perhaps one of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s day this year is to go eco green! By helping the environment around St. Patrick’s day we can have a fun productive holiday, as well as give back to our community and world. One way to help our environment is to support and grow native plants. Although it still may be too cold to garden you can start planning your future garden now!

Reasons why native plants are best:

  • Native plants are easier to grow. They are already well suited for the environment and require a lot less maintenance than plants that are not native. On the contrary nonnatives require large amount of fertilizer, water and herbicides for maintenance.   
  • Native plants are ethical and better for the environment.
  • Less invasive species. If we keep introducing nonnatives and eliminating our natives we will continue to see extinction in our plants.

Native gardens are beautiful, not your typical shrubs and flowers you see in the usual gardens. Native gardens provide uniqueness. By planting a native garden you are also helping the environment. You are also being extremely green! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



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