Healing gardens for Veterans

Healing gardens for Veterans

By: Christina Hughey

When returning from war, soldiers will have to adapt back to regular civilian life, it might be hard for some to adjust right away. In addition to the stress of adapting, some may have been wounded from the war physically and or mentally. Some veterans may be dealing with new obstacles like learning to use a wheel chair or be getting around on crutches. This can make adjusting to regular life more complicated. Some soldiers will suffer from PTSD, TBI, major depression, or other invisible wounds. Some say that transitioning from a high stress combat zone to regular life is the hardest part of service. It’s not uncommon to find soldiers living in a natural setting or off the grid for these reasons.  




Visiting a healing garden is good for all veterans, whether dealing with injuries or not. Healing gardens give an option to relax alone or be with others having fun and getting to socialize. Along with all the health benefits nature already gives, healing gardens also offer more specific health benefits for veterans. This includes a veteran suffering from PTSD or other brain injuries. A study done by the University of Michigan stated veterans that participated in extended outdoor group recreation showed signs of improving mental health.

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