Kids Grow in the Garden

Kids Grow in the Garden

By: Christina Hughey

It’s finally that time of year again. Spring! Everything is starting to grow and new life begins. Just the other week I arrived at a friend’s house to see her and her beautiful children finish up planting seeds. They smiled as they placed the seeds into the dirt, laughing making a bit of a mess with dirt. It makes me so happy to see young children involved with gardening projects, its so important that kids get their hands dirty and help in the garden.

Some of the benefits include healthier lifestyles, learning the value of plants for food, gardening can be an educational tool, and of course gardening is just good for the soul. Whether you live in the city or on a big farm there is gardening that can be done!


A few garden projects you can do with your kids:

  • Growing seeds in the windowsill is a small garden project that anyone can do.
  • Growing plants in pots on the porch.
  • If you are really wanting to dive into this, your kids can help you grow plants in a raised garden bed, or you could work together to grow a couple fruits or vegetables in your yard!

The opportunities are endless! What a wonderful activity for you and your child.


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