Modern Playgrounds

Modern Playgrounds

By: Christina Hughey


Playgrounds have changed a lot over the years. There is plenty of differences in materials, safety factors (playgrounds are made much safer now), differences in the activities allowed on the playground, and differences in the shapes of the playground.  The design opportunities are truly endless! Although some people may argue that they prefer the style of an older playground. I think we can all agree what hasn’t changed is the hours of fun a child still experiences from visiting a playground. A child’s scale is completely different from that of an adult, to a child a slide seems as high as a skyscraper! Not only are playgrounds entertaining, they also offer many opportunities for fun and learning. Studies even show that allowing a child to play freely and take risks at a playground is good for a child’s development. Allowing a child to play freely in adventurous play allows them to learn skills and gain confidence.  


Walla Holla playground


Designed by the Dutch company Carve, this playground is tall and narrow. Perfect for city spaces that aren’t very wide. Some of these structures can accommodate up to 60 children at a time! This vertical play allows for several different types of play including climbing, a goal for the soccer field, and even a fence for a basketball court.


Zachary’s Playground Lake St. Louis


In 2007 this dream of an “All Inclusive” playground became a reality. Zachary’s Playground was specifically created so children of all abilities could play side by side together. The playground offers wide spaces for wheelchairs and offers plenty of ramps too.


4th Avenue Park


This park is themed after America’s movement West. Located in Los Angeles county. This playground offers two universally accessible playgrounds, a skate park, and fun musical instruments to play with.

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