Outside Play Becoming Non Existent

Outside Play Becoming Non Existent

By: Christina Hughey


Maybe one of the biggest concerns for children of this generation is the lack of time spent outdoors. Perhaps you have heard of the term Nature Deflect Disorder, this phrase came from the book Last Child in the Woods. Basically, describing the epidemic children especially are facing today. The problem is that kids on average are spending less than an hour outside a day when they should be spending 3 hours a day outside. With the increase of technology, some kids prefer to stay inside using electronics. They just don’t know what they are missing. Another reason kids aren’t getting outside is because parents fear their child’s safety, keeping children in smaller boundaries than ever before. Even though there has been no increase in abductions in the suburbs.

Ask any adults about childhood memories, and most will recall their favorite childhood memories being outdoors. We know the personal impact the outdoors has on us. Health may be one of the biggest reasons to get a child outside too. Research shows us that children participating in sports is at an all-time high, and even though that’s the case obesity amongst children has skyrocketed also. There are studies that show us that time spent outdoors cuts down obesity rates. Other studies showing us that overall health is improved when spending time outside. Some would even say being outside makes you smarter.

Kids need the outdoors, so let us all try to encourage them to be outside as an old but now nonexistent trend.

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