Lemay Family and Child Center

Lemay Family and Child Center

DG2 Design is working with the Lemay Child & Family Center to design a new natural based playground that aligns with the Center’s goals to provide early education and support for families in a diverse, nurturing environment. Their existing playground had old equipment that was no longer safe, is not accessible for children, of differing abilities, and has water that does not drain well off of the property, leaving it unusable at times. With nearly 3 acres of  land, DG2 Design is creating a  distinct playground with areas for each age group, plus it will include gardening, natural features, bike and stroller paths, sports fields, shade, and much more. The Outdoor Learning Center will be the next step in the larger multi-year plan to improve our facilities so that the children have the quality learning environment they deserve.  In addition to fundraising documents and hosting an open house, DG2 is working with the Center to apply for multiple grants.

Key Elements of the Outdoor Learning Center

Physical Development –
Social and Emotional Development-
Creativity and the Arts-
Literacy and Language Development-
Critical Thinking and Cognitive Development-


Government & Schools, Natural Playscapes


June 25, 2016