Oak Bluff Estates

Oak Bluff Estates

DG2 Design worked with the arborists at Trees, Forests and Landscapes and the surveyors at THD Design Group to complete a Natural Resources Inventory, Forest Stand Delineation Plan and Tree Protection Plan for the developers of Oak Bluff Estates in Lake St. Louis, MO. Tree stand delineation is an important step in the process of establishing a forest inventory and provides the spatial framework for forest management adjacent to development. Proper tree protection strategies builders and developers use before, during and after construction can yield big rewards. Early planning and prevention are the keys to success.

The developers of Oak Bluff Estates achieved their best results by taking early action to prevent tree damage during site development and construction.

The team spent multiple days on the 19 acre site to locate all the trees within the 50 ft buffer of the limits of disturbance to identify, measure and rate the condition of 240 trees. An individual tree summary table and map for all trees help the designers track the health of the trees before, during and after construction.


Multi-Family Residential


June 25, 2016