Rooftop Vegetable Gardens

Rooftop Vegetable Gardens

By: Christina Hughey


Wholefoods Rooftop Garden in Lynnfield


With mass population growth, and the demand of city living it may soon be a challenge to get everyone food. The scientific community has been working to come up with a solution to deliver food to more people populated areas. One solution is rooftop vegetable gardens. Not only do rooftop vegetable gardens help produce more food, but they also clean our air. Rooftop gardens clean the air because the vegetation removes CO2 from the air. In addition regulating building temperatures, and even soaking up excess rain water which helps to prevent floods. Rooftop farming just makes sense.


One of my favorite rooftop gardens is Wholefoods rooftop vegetable garden in Lynnfield. The architects and engineers had to come up with new ideas and think outside of the box, but it really paid off. Their rooftop garden generates produce for the store. they grow a lot of the consumers favorite produce and some unique produce like chocolate mint leaves. In addition, they have a built-in pizza restaurant up top which uses some of the produce in the pizza ingredients and other dishes too. Yum!


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