“Committed to our Planet, to our People and to our Principles.”

Nature touches our lives, and often in urban environments these places are planned and designed to fit a purpose. Because space is always in some way limited, even the structure of nature has to be made efficient and work to the purpose of the place. That is the realm of the landscape architect. Great landscape architecture aspires to blend nature and architecture, to bring nature into even the most dense and urban of environments, and in particular to connect people to it. Nature is restorative and it connects us to the very place we come from. At it’s highest level, this bridge between the places we inhabit and the natural world makes environments far more livable and enjoyable.

We are landscape architects. It is our passion. It is what we live and breathe. And it is an exciting time to do what we do. New technologies and philosophies are merging to form wonderful outcomes. Unlike many landscape architecture firms, we embrace diverse types of projects. We sincerely desire to hone and develop what we do and this is done through considering a far greater range of possibilities than what is usually found on a single-tier solution practice. We invite you to connect with us. We love to talk shop and would welcome the opportunity to share ideas.

DG2 Design is WBE/DBE certified.


Connect with us. We love meeting and working with design professionals and clients. We welcome your thoughts and inquiries.



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