Our Mission

Why Kristy DeGuire started DG2

DG2 Design was founded in 2011

As landscape architects at DG2 Design, our mission is deeply rooted in the principles of nourishing, restoring, and connecting both people and our planet. We believe that every project presents an opportunity to harmonize nature and architecture, creating spaces that are not only functional but also enriching for all who interact with them.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate nature and the built environment, allowing them to coexist as complementary elements within a unified space. We strive to maximize the efficiency of every project, utilizing space in a way that supports the flourishing of both natural ecosystems and human experiences.

Central to our approach is the recognition of the symbiotic relationship between nature and people. We understand that by designing outdoor spaces that are inviting and accessible, we can foster a positive and mutually beneficial connection between individuals and the natural world.

At DG2 Design, we are dedicated to creating landscapes that welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities. Our designs prioritize inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the outdoor environment.

Through thoughtful planning and innovative design solutions, we seek to not only enhance the aesthetics of our surroundings but also promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all living things. DG2 Design is committed to leaving a lasting legacy of sustainable, inspiring landscapes that enrich the lives of both present and future generations.