Breaking Ground and Greening Roofs at STLCC Advanced Manufacturing

St. Louis Community College embarks on a groundbreaking initiative with the commencement of construction for the Florissant Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center. This innovative facility, located on the Florissant Valley Campus, aims to redefine the landscape of local tech training and education in advanced manufacturing. Spanning an impressive 95,000 square feet across three stories, this center represents more than mere infrastructure—it embodies a pivotal shift towards experiential learning and hands-on education. The 95,000 sq ft building is nestled on the site to allow for a flush eastern gathering plaza welcoming students into the 3-story atrium, access to the south side welding dock, and a stepped footprint to allow for western and southern green roof terraces. These terraces provide much more than an extension of classroom and gathering space. The green roofs also provide longer roof lifespan, greater sound insulation, reduced heating and cooling system needs, and a cutback in stormwater runoff. Green roofs also decrease carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in cities, making them cooler in the process and reversing the so-called “urban heat island effect.” While some see the roof garden as a visual statement using plants, geometric lines, and sculptural elements, DG2 Design believes the concerns for sustainability should equal visual appeal. The Florissant Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center is envisioned as a transformative hub for the community, fostering collaboration, innovation, and skill development in the realm of advanced manufacturing. Its architectural design is meticulously crafted to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a dynamic environment conducive to learning and growth.