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After years of meticulous design and construction, (our work began in 2018) the entire team is exhilarated to witness the grand opening of the 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis, welcoming visitors to explore the curiosity around every corner of the 10-story building and garden. Despite encountering certain challenges during the renovation of the 95-year-old former YMCA building, the remarkable and welcoming hotel effortlessly overshadows them. The hotel is located within the Downtown West District and is conveniently five blocks northeast of the city’s new soccer stadium, CityPark.

We encourage you to visit and explore. The art museum is free and open 24 hours a day. Don’t forget to take your picture with “The Orb” an 8′ diameter ball at the entrance. It is full of water and weights about 20,000 pounds!

You should also check out the other 9 locations. 21c is a Louisville-based hospitality brand that renovates historic buildings into boutique hotels and fills their lobbies with modern art, including colored statutes of penguins that have become the bespoke mascot of the hotel. St. Louis is the first location to have an Art Park Garden attached.

We’ll have an updated post as soon as the Art Park finishing touches are completed, including a large art piece in partnership with Laumeier Sculpture Park.

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Aug 15, 2023

In the past, parking garages were simply unremarkable buildings that were only appreciated for their practicality in providing parking spaces, rather than their aesthetic appeal. However, recently, parking structures have transformed into architectural wonders that not only serve as functional parking spots but also offer beauty and inspiration. Garages and their surrounding landscapes, like the Pitch 314 Garage, have become visually captivating and an engaging component of the community. As a landscape architect, it is exciting to see these spaces transform and knit a community back together.

Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer

Aug 10, 2023

Inspired by Spain’s vibrant culinary traditions, Idle Wolf opened on July 25th at the glorious 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis. Much like Spain, Idle Wolf Iberian-inspired Restaurant is the place to meet friends around a table full of tapas. Idle Wolf opened inside the art-filled 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis, which is currently taking reservations for early August.

Giving St. Louis residents another option for downtown dining after the area has been neglected in recent years. Although this stretch of Downtown West and beyond into Midtown and Grand Center has been buzzing with the additions of CITYPARK soccer stadium and City Foundry STL.

In a hotel, known for its artistic expression, the restaurant and its attached lofty lounge area are works of art in themselves. The wall separating the living room and dining room is made of spiral leather straps and two-story windows let in natural light adjacent to the outdoor patio and Art Park. The hotel and Art Park is set to open on August 8th.

Check out more details here.

Photo Credit: Idol Wolf & DG2

Jul 31, 2023