21c Museum Hotel St. Louis

21c Museum Hotel St. Louis invites visitors to explore the curiosity around every corner of its 10-story building and garden. Despite the challenges faced during the renovation of the 95-year-old former YMCA building, the remarkable and welcoming atmosphere of the hotel effortlessly overshadows them. 21c, a Louisville-based hospitality brand, transforms historic buildings into boutique hotels filled with modern art, including their signature colored penguin statues. St. Louis is the first location to feature an Art Park Garden, which includes a significant art piece in partnership with Laumeier Sculpture Park. The Art Park also boasts an outdoor dining area for the Idol Wolf restaurant and is designed to host wedding ceremonies, receptions, and concerts, featuring a custom concrete amphitheater and artificial turf lawns at both the top and bottom. The park connects to the streetscape with a grove of River Birch trees, providing a lovely spot to enjoy coffee from the Good Press Cafe.