Have You Ever Heard of a Green Wall?

Have You Ever Heard of a Green Wall?

By: Christina Hughey


Can you imagine walking into a hospital and the wall being completely covered in plants?  At first, you might think this idea sounds a bit bizarre. What’s also bizarre, is that studies have shown the indoor environment might be ten times more polluted then the outdoor environment. One solution could be  to bring the outdoors inside! One trend that’s popping up around the nation is Green Walls, which is expected to grow by the billions in the years to come. They are basically walls covered in vegetation that can be planted inside or outside. Some green walls even have their own watering systems. The great thing about green walls is that you can make them your own, there are all sorts of different design options. Sizes can be ginormous or small. Green Walls are more then just something beautiful.  Research has shown these living walls could be a cheaper and faster way to clean air. Green walls are beautiful decoration and they also improve people’s daily lives giving them a happier and healthier environment.


Green wall in the foyer of the One Central Park display centre.


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