I really love my job.

I really love my job.

By: Sara Runge, Project Manager at DG2 Design Landscape Architecture

I really love my job. Not everyone can say that, but I can. I am in a place I never imagined when I earned my Civil Engineering degree many many years ago. I worked on a large scale Regional Transportation Project in its early planning stages when I graduated from college; switched to designing storm and sanitary sewer systems in an industrial environment, and wound up working alongside Landscape Architects for the past 18 years, working on a variety of projects; a good majority of which I get to point out to my kids as we drive past and say “I worked on that project”. This starts a conversation about how I was involved and what the project was about. Sometimes they are interested, sometimes they are not, but in either case, they have learned what I do when I’m not being a mom.

So what is it that I actually do? I get to coordinate / communicate the landscape architecture design intent with the civil engineering design requirements of the project as set forth by the civil engineering consultant on the project team. I get to check and make sure that the sanitary sewer manhole isn’t located in the middle of the paving pattern. I get to work with a talented creative group of landscape architects that have taught me about “natives” and “cultivars”, formal and informal planting layouts and plant palettes, stone veneers, pavers, seat wall layouts, conceptual plans, green roofs, allees, etc. In turn I hope my co-workers have learned about MSD requirements, concrete jointing, paving details, storm sewer layouts and details, etc. Learning and understanding what others do is an important component to the success of a project and who knows, you might be able to pick out an Acer rubrum the next time you’re walking through your neighborhood.

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