Family Center’s Natural Playground

Family Center’s Natural Playground

DG2 Design and JEMA designed Clayton School District’s, Early Childhood Family Center’s Natural Playground Master Plan. The “playground” began as an outdoor space for nature-based curriculum, play and imagination. Eventually, the scope of the project expanded to include music and art, with areas for play and physical education, thereby creating a multi-curriculum based outdoor learning environment that is accessible to all. Opportunities for physical education are available throughout the playground in the form of tricycle paths, logs for jumping and balancing, and mounds and boulders for climbing.

Every element within the playground is designed to be multi-use and encourage firsthand interaction between the children and nature. The playground is divided into quadrants with a network of paths to connect each area. Along these paths are “nodes”, or gathering spaces with themed activities such as music, art and gardening. These spaces are meant to encourage children of all ages to exercise their imaginations and physical skills. Further, berms, hills, moguls and willow structures will create a powerful invitation to play.


Natural Playscapes


June 25, 2016