Upper Muny Festival & Parking Plaza

Upper Muny Festival & Parking Plaza

DG2 Design and the engineers at Horner Shifrin designed the transformation of the Upper Muny Lot into a more vibrant and sustainable Festival & Parking Plaza. The renovation enhances the 11-acre parking lot and special event space that sits above The Muny Amphitheater.

Project Goals

    • Balanced design: updated parking lot, added pedestrian refuge, shade and bio-retention
    • Dedicated event space with no islands or trees, to allow for tents. Permitted use of space:  Irrigation, Power and Electrical access in poles
    • Design to utilize islands, dedicated drive isles and pedestrian circulation to improve traffic flow
    • Proposed improvements include an estimate 100 trees, 850 shrubs and 4,630 perennials

New 10’ wide sidewalks and curbed islands to increase safety and enhance the overall experience

  • “What’s been known as the Upper Muny Lot in Forest Park is centrally located and highly trafficked, yet not up to the standard of what Park visitors want and expect”, said Lesley S. Hoffarth, P.E., President and Executive Director of Forest Park Forever. “As a 75-year-old lot, the space suffers from cracked asphalt, potholes and a lack of modern, sustainability-minded features such as thoughtfully chosen trees and landscaping, high-efficiency lighting, and clear pedestrian refuges and walkways. By rebuilding the new Plaza with these features, we will greatly enhance the experience of all visitors. This includes The Muny’s 350,000 annual patrons, the tens of thousands who use the space for festivals and charity runs during more than 30 weekends per year, and the 180,000 visitors who attend The Great Forest Park Balloon Race & Glow and LouFest at the adjacent Central Fields.”
  • Designs were completed in 2014, with a construction period from late September 2014 through May 2015, avoiding The Muny season and popular events such as The Great Forest Park Balloon Race & Glow and LouFest.



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June 25, 2016