Sustainable Design (SITES/LEED)

Sustainable Design (SITES/LEED)

By: Christina Hughey

SITES Landscape at the University of Texas


Sustainable design has never been more important. There is some mis consumption that just because a building is green that its sustainable but that is not always the case. Luckily there has been a couple good guides to help determine whether a space is sustainable or not. Maybe the two most known guides are SITES and LEED. SITES is aimed towards the landscape whereas LEED is aimed towards the building itself.  Both work as a credit system, which allows the company to choose the credits they would like to earn. Credits can work towards a certification and then after certified the company can then earn more credits to reach levels such as silver, gold, and platinum. There are many reasons why these sustainable spaces are so significant, here are just a few reasons:

  • SITES and LEED are both great marketing tools. Having these achievements shows that your company is updated and running efficiently.
  • In the long run a business that is LEED/SITES saves more money.
  • Higher property value.

The future of the sustainable design is expected to grow for years to come.

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