Walkable Communities

Walkable Communities

It’s getting closer to back to school here in Missouri and my favorite thing about the kids going back is the fact that we can walk to and from school.

When my husband I decided on the neighborhood we are in now, sense of community, curb appeal and walkablity were the top contributing decision factors. Each home has a special design and aesthetic, everyone hangs out on their front porch at night where streets become summer block parties and during the school year, mornings look like a parade with parents and children riding bikes, pulling wagons and walking down the street to school.

There are so many studies that prove the benefits of walking and limit the effects of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other health concerns. Walking for children instill good health habits and allows them to burn off energy before entering the school building.

Unless you reside in a major city with excellent public transportation and urban walkability, it is rare to live in a community that focuses on community development and ease of accessibility. As architects, engineers and landscape architects, we as designers need to create more neighborhoods that allow less vehicular activity and more walkablity to schools, grocery stores, other neighborhoods and parks and playgrounds.

Here are some of the top new urbanism communities that embody these design principles. Take a look at these case studies and think about what you can do as designers for future neighborhood and community design.




Agritopia Community Farms, Gilbert, Arizona — by livinginpostcards. Stroll through the gardens after grabbing a bite at Joe's Farm Grill (as seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) who...

Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona (source)


Concord Riverwalk, MA


TND planning graphic.

Neighborhood design graphic


new town at st charles st louis missouri

St. Charles, Mo

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