Conservation, Restoration & Green Infrastructure

Watershed Nature Center

The Watershed Nature Center is home to over 40 acres of prairie, forest, and wetland habitats. The Center features paved walking trails, a raised marsh walk, and a Welcome Center focused on environmental education, passive recreation, and enjoyment of native habitats for Edwardsville and surrounding communities. In preparing for their 25th anniversary the Center chose DG2 Design to develop a Master Plan and phase one of Park Improvements. The improvements focused on the overall park experience, specifically the mission of restoration, education and preservation from the first arrival moment, along the path of walking into the park to the visitor center and throughout the park. Proposed phase one enhancements include an educational meadow, a shoreline classroom, teaching gardens and a children’s dock.

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Dardenne Greenway At BaratHaven Park

BaratHaven Park surrounds a neighborhood with an accessible lake and three miles of trail so that residents and visitors can connect with nature in their own backyards. This 80-acre park was the first project on the Dardenne Greenway. It is the home of a 15-acre lake with three overlooks. The three miles of trail made of concrete, asphalt and limestone are connected to a new permeable parking lot and trailhead.

Stabilizing and restoring the scenic areas along Dardenne Creek and Old Dardenne Creek were a critical component to the creation of BaratHaven Park. Natural vegetation protects land adjacent to the creeks to preserve the riparian corridor for wildlife and prevent soil erosion. In addition, new wetlands have been created along the creeks to enrich the habitat for native animals and plants. In addition to protecting a rare oxbow the Park allows for a future connection to Busch Wildlife. * Project completed while working at a previous firm.

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Upper Muny Festival & Parking Plaza

DG2 Design and the engineers at Horner Shifrin designed the transformation of the Upper Muny Lot into a more vibrant and sustainable Festival & Parking Plaza. The renovation enhances the 11-acre parking lot and special event space that sits above The Muny Amphitheater. Key project components:

Balanced design: updated parking lot, added pedestrian refuge, shade and bio-retention basins to treat stormwater

Dedicated event space with no islands or trees, to allow for tents. Permitted use of space: Irrigation, Power and Electrical access in poles

10’ walkways, islands, dedicated drive isles and pedestrian circulation to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety

Proposed improvements include an estimated 100 trees, 850 shrubs and 4,630 perennials

Design was completed in 2014, with a construction period from late September 2014 through May 2015, avoiding The Muny season and popular events such as The Great Forest Park Balloon Race & Glow and LouFest.

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St. Peters Stormwater Basins

The designers at DG2 Design have partnered with Reitz & Jens Engineers to design multiple stormwater improvement projects in the city of St. Peters, MO. Proposition P was approved by voters in 2012 to fund stormwater improvements to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and restore natural environments throughout the municipality. The improvements include infrastructure improvements to several retention and detention basins in residential and park settings. Through the creation of naturally planted buffers, forebays, littoral shelves, and bioswales, sediment from stormwater runoff will be slowed and intercepted to reduce pollution and increase groundwater infiltration. The proposed elements will help connect residents to nature and create habitat for local wildlife. Multiple projects are slated for construction in 2017 and 2018.

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